Where do I start to play blackjack?

When you are a beginner in blackjack (spa resort casino palm springs), there are always a million questions in your head and it’s perfectly normal, nothing disturbing. We too have been there and it is thanks to our experience that we have been able to establish a section specially designed for players who start the blackjack adventure. Here is what you will find in our section:

History of blackjack

First of all, why not take in the history of blackjack to find out how and where the game appeared. Playing at the casino is also about games but not only rules or strategies, no, it’s also knowing the past of the game, you will see that you will feel more cultivated, strange to say like this but true.

Rules of the game

That sounds obvious to most of us, when you start a game, you have to know how to play it and the best way to do that is obviously to learn the rules of the game. No exception here, especially not in blackjack where you have a lot of things to know if you want to perform well during your game, so do not skimp on learning the basic rules.

The blackjack player

In this article, we will learn to recognize the typical blackjack player as you imagine it, but also as it is in reality. You will see that different profiles are drawn, it is very interesting to know what type of players you belong to.

Actions during the game

In terms of the rules of the game, we wanted to zoom in on blackjack actions , these are decisions that you will have to make and that we advise you to know by heart, the mastery of your game depends on it. Moreover, for those who will be interested later in the basic strategy, you will see that the actions are closely related.

Choosing your variant

Blackjack offers a lot of surprises, this is not the first time that you are told and without a doubt, the variants of the game are part of these surprises. Imagine, for a game with the same base, there are more than a dozen variants available, enough to make other games jealous. Our goal is to present them, we have reserved a special section for that, then, free to try them or not, but in this article , you will find some guidance to choose the best variant.


When you are tackling a game like blackjack (spa resort casino palm springs), there are certainly some technical terms that you will not understand if you’ve never heard them, that’s normal, nothing to panic about. To help you overcome this, we have set up a glossary , or rather two glossaries, the first will be for -speaking terms and the second for English-speaking terms. With that, you can not get lost in the vocabulary too complicated for you.


We told you, when you play blackjack, initially, you will ask you a lot of questions, moreover, we receive them by mail and we are happy to answer, but we noticed that the questions are often the same and they come back all the time. That’s why we’ve created the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so you do not waste time writing emails and can find your answers quickly.

The word of the expert

As you know, on Bonus Online Casino or spa resort casino palm springs, we like to surround ourselves with the best individuals in each area to bring you accurate and relevant information. For blackjack, we have the chance to have an expert with us and the latter wanted only one thing, it was to be able to introduce themselves to the players , to the visitors of the site, so that they are reassured on the origin of the advice we give. This is done with this article where our expert answers four useful questions to understand who he is.


For blackjack even more than for other games, there are a lot of legends that revolve around the game, there are four that arouse your attention since you often talk about it in your emails and your post on the forum. We have decided to tell you the truth about the myths that haunt your parties. Some of you will certainly be disappointed and others happy to learn the truth.

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